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An Essential Tree Safety Checklist

All American Tree is proud to provide you with a tree safety checklist. This list is not designed to serve as a complete assessment, but it may alert you to hazardous conditions that warrant a complete inspection Please CLICK HERE for an estimate if you notice any of the following tree danger signs:

  • Visible signs of decay or cavities in the trunk or branches.
  • Any signs of branches dying back in the canopy.
  • Any root damage in the last ten years.
  • A history of falling branches.
  • Any dead branches hung up in the canopy.
  • Any fungal fruiting bodies attached to the trunk or branches.
  • Any signs of termite activity.
  • Unseasonable leaf drop or flower production.
  • Large heavy branches that don't taper off in thickness towards the end.
  • Any cracks or splits in the trunk or branches.
  • Any unusual swollen areas at the base of the trunk.

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